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TRULLI (New 2019)



Italian heritage UNESCO


the Trullo is a type of construction, conical dry stone traditional centre-southern Puglia.

The trulli were generally constructed as temporary shelters in the countryside or permanent houses for farmers.

Subsequently, the valorisation of this heritage has allowed to use various and different sectors.

The peculiarity of such structures makes The Trulli, typical and unique in the World.

With us to have a "Trullo" is also possible outside of Puglia..

Our Trulli can be transported and positioned anywhere because equipped with system for towing and positioning.

Structures designed, manufactured and certified in Italy for the use of public/private, and as locations for the provision of activities and services.



A workstation can be the optimal solution to provide information and services.

When a station makes it easily the idea of its Activities, it is already a step forward.

Our AutoPostazioni are mainly used as info points and in the provision of tourist services and rental Vehicles.

These locations represent the real you, electric Car model golf-a-car facilities with seating plans and d's support.

On request the design and production of structures representing various types of Media.

Artisan production Made in Italy.



Once used for the transport of goods, the carts still astonish today for their glorious designs and inlays.

The carretto siciliano (sicilian carrettu) is a means of traction horses used to transport goods, in use in all the sicilian territory from the NINETEENTH century until the second half of the TWENTIETH century, when it became obsolete due to the increasing motorization of the work in the countryside. Built with different qualities of wood, often adorned by carvings of bucolic and bright decorated with paintings, nowadays it is now the object of art craft, as well as one of the symbols in the iconography of the folklore of sicily.

In today's times and with the development of new types of activities and services the carts were revised and used for various types of use, which does not involve only the sale of business but also other sectors, ranging from tourism to food and wine.

Thus are born in Puglia Carts (Salento, characterized by a new and elegant style, able to satisfy even the most demanding requirements.

The Carts in the Salento are ideal for the carrying out of the activities of the InfoPoint and for the provision of sevices for business and tourism.

On request possibility of customization.

Artisan production Made in Italy.



BIKE STATION (New in 2019)

Can't part from your bike?


You want to stop for a coffee or read a newspaper without the fear that your bike will take them away, and without losing too much time to find a parking space suitable?


There is a solution.


No dirty looks to passers-by suspect, no chains and bolts, no wheezing in the search for a rack for your parking.

What could be better for a relaxing break, sit comfortably on a seat, remaining in the saddle of your bike.

For lovers of the bicycle, have arrived in the Stations for Bike, that consist in a kind of urban furniture which are placed strategically at urban Centers, Parks, Villages, shopping Areas and dining options offer an innovative and comfortable service to riders.

Our Locations Bike also constitute a major incentive for the development of the mobility eco-sustainable, can encourage bicycle use and reduce, perhaps, one of the cars.


Always in the saddle, because now the comfort is also cycling.





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